LSM Security and Event Services onsiders itself as an expert when it comes to security. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner far beyond the city of Leipzig. We offer you an all-round service when it comes to security, from the planning of the site to the handling of all legal and regulatory relevant arrangements and the smooth course of your event.

From a small club show to a major event, we offer protection for your loved ones and guests, commercial or private real estates. We provide a friendly, professional service to the highest standards.

The foundation for our successful development are our employees, who are characterized by their high level of commitment and friendly manner. This is always confirmed by our customers, who quickly transition into regular customers.


Thanks to our standard of work, we can provide the entire staff for a major event – from reliable admission service, management of parking lot and outdoor area, to VIP security and shuttle service.

Our employees are characterized by many years of experience, high resilience and the required professional skills. They are carefully selected according to the requirements of our customers and order requests, and always show a high level of commitment in implementing our guiding principle “Maximum security for our customers”.

Our employees fulfill the following requirements:

    • Examination of expertise/instruction according to §34a GewO
    • Permission according to guard register
    • Have all the necessary knowledge of the respective areas of expertise
    • Fire protection training (depending on the assignment)
    • First aid training (depending on the assignment)
    • Regular training courses
    • Minimum age: 21

Event Security

    • Head of security staff
    • Event security
    • Admission security
    • Stage security
    • Evacuation assistants
    • Ushers
    • Parking lot management

Tour Security

    • Tour and artist support worldwide
    • Representation of the interests of artists
    • Organization of artists’ arrival and departure
    • Hotel security
    • Advance communication with local authorities (police, public order office)
    • Planning and organization of local security companies
    • Instruction of security in accordance with the stage directions and the Venue Ordinance (VStättV(O))
    • Security meetings with the halls and production
    • Monitoring of safety-relevant regulations
    • Positioning planning for hall security

Personal security and escort protection

Nothing is as worthy of protection as your own life and privacy. Based on an initial risk assessment, we will create an individual security concept for each customer and develop the appropriate protective measures. Naturally, everything is carried out discreetly and confidentially, even if multiple security guards are required.

Thanks to our specially trained staff and their many years of experience, we can offer our services both armed and unarmed. Weapon licenses are the basic requirement for armed personal security. LSM Security has extensive permits in accordance with Section 28 of the German Weapons Act (WaffG). For us, armed personal security is part of a holistic protection concept if the risk situation justifies and requires the armed protection of the person(s) to be protected.

    • Personal security of private individuals and public figures
    • VIP Protection
    • Kid Escort
    • Limousine service/chauffeur service
    • Armed transport of jewelry and gemstone /objects of art/personal valuables

Object Protection

    • Doormen
    • Detective
    • Night watch
    • Guarding service for buildings and property
    • Store surveillance
    • Construction site security
    • Reception services


    • Staff for reception and cloakroom
    • VIP support
    • Support for trade fair stands
    • Information services and guest support

If you are interested in further or other service staff, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are guided by your wishes.

Event administration

Tour management

Tour management is a service that, depending on the group cared for, includes numerous services that allow the artists to fully concentrate on their performance. Our service starts with the detailed preparation, through to the execution, follow-up and billing. Planning initially involves budgeting, booking suitable locations and research. In addition, there is the technical planning, renting of vehicles, booking of accommodation and much more.

    • Tour accompaniment and artist support worldwide
    • Hotel bookings
    • Organization of tour buses
    • Organization of stage management (coordination and monitoring of the stage schedule)

Technical administration / event administration

We can support you with the organization and schedule of your event on site. We clarify all relevant details with the responsible local authorities and ensure that your event runs smoothly. Prior to any type of event, we will provide you with a complete concept for the planned implementation.

In cooperation, we can also offer you complete technical administration.

We provide you with a team of riggers, stage builders, workers at height and event technicians, as well as masters of event technology with many years of experience.

During the event, we only offer solutions and no problems.